Welcome to The Civil Guy and our new web site.  Our goal is to deliver training and production services based on one simple premise: no one wants to be on the “bleeding” edge of technology.  The reality is, most of us are forever just behind the technological curve.  It’s a challenge to keep up with technology that can barely keep pace with itself.  One day our software leap frogs ahead of our equipment, the next finds our hardware patiently waiting for our programs to catch up.  

In spite of this, production goes on.  Our hope is that we can be one of your resources to help keep it rolling.  Formal training is always a great first step and it quickly pays for itself.  Competent ongoing support helps secure your training investment.  And if your confidence level is still not quite there yet, call in a hired gun.  We specialize in live project training.

So, again, welcome to our web site.  We will share as much information as we can to make your life easier.  Whether you need to staff up for a project or simply want to take advantage of a lull in production for staff training, we can help.  Thanks.

Mike Norton, The Civil Guy

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