Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, guys and girls.  In case you missed me I have been busy shaking the proverbial money tree or bush or whatever you prefer to call it.  I’ve been vacationing too.  My wife took three weeks off last month and, being only occasionally semi-employed, I gave myself equal time off to run the streets with her.  5/6 of our children came home for the holidays and a glorious time was had by all.

On the civil front, I have been contracted by the Harris County Flood Control District to update their 1997 Drawing and Graphic Standards.  I intend to integrate my work standardizing the City of Houston Platting Department into this project.  My goal is one community standard for all of Houston.  No, I have not been smoking anything.  Sometimes you just have to go where the voices lead you.

This project will address submittal standards as well.  I know most of y’all trust me but some of you out there are funny about being told what to do.  If you are interested in what I have in mind my contact information is somewhere on this website.

My surface modeling struggles with Civil 3D are not a secret.  The number that constitutes a large data set has apparently been significantly reduced since C3D 2009 SP3.  I cannot model some of the same surfaces in C3D 2011 even after dramatic upgrades in hardware, software, and operating system.  I am unable to delineate drainage subareas except using relatively small data sets.  The good news is, some of you haven’t upgraded.  The bad news is, some of you have.

I have posted repeatedly on the Civil 3D discussion group but to no avail.  I had hoped for at least, “I don’t know”, or, “I can’t talk about it” but I got absolutely zip, nada, goose egg, nothing. That is not entirely true if I count platitudes and unacceptable work-arounds.  The Civil 3D product manager even states that the product is not well suited for large data sets.  This is grim.

I am exploring acceptable alternatives.  I know, “acceptable” is a moving target but we have work to do and it won’t get done using mediocre software masquerading as a global solution.  Ultimately, it may be part of the solution but right now it’s looking pretty small.

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