The Devil’s in the Details…

I’ve been busy – too busy to be both designer and webmaster.  So, to my two loyal readers, I apologize.  Hopefully, this post might somehow make amends while at the same time save you some possible suffering.

2011 Harris County Flood Control District Drafting and Graphic Standards
We are finalizing the 2011 version of the HCFCD’s CAD standards and I think it will be well received.  The focus was to provide a simple, intuitive guideline structured enough
to effectively classify and organize data, yet flexible enough to accommodate an often complex industry.

The influence of the National CAD Standard is evident although most of the specifications are simply reflections of our industry’s local CAD standards.  The biggest achievement in my mind is that it brings us one step closer to Integrated Project Delivery, the collaborative union of people and practices to optimize project efficiency through all phases of design and construction.

This was not an easy effort and I give credit to the staff at HCFCD for the many hours they devoted to the process.  It took considerably more time than we first estimated but I believe the final product has benefited as a result.  Some people will like it.  Some people won’t.  That’s life.

The Long and Winding Road
It recently occurred to me that I had not received notice of my scheduled system scan by my anti-virus program for some time.  My suspicions were confirmed – no scan for about three months.  Further, the program failed to respond when I attempted a manual scan so I contacted the developer.

The technician was quite enthusiastic in troubleshooting the issue, even to the point of performing a free remote system diagnostics.  In passing, he mentioned that my machine appeared slow.  I didn’t agree.  I’m packing some serious horsepower here.  It may not be the fastest box on the boulevard but it certainly is not lacking acceleration.

He also discovered almost 200 operating system files that he suspected may have been corrupted by the Koobface virus.  That’s a Facebook virus.  I’m not a Facebook kind of guy but I have children.  Viruses happen.

His evaluation was that a MS Certified technician would be required to get me out of this mess and at considerable expense.  As luck would have it, however, he could perform the same service and deliver me from this evil for a not-quite-so-substantial fee.  I politely declined his most generous offer in, shall we say, a less than polite manner.

I purchased another anti-virus program recommended by a friend and it’s a good one.  Installation was a snap, it was easy to configure, and so far has dispatched the Koobface without an ounce of fanfare.  I like calling it that – the Koobface.

As a bonus, my new anti-virus developer offered a dramatic discount on a remote diagnostics service that promised, among other things, to repair damaged operating system files and increase system performance!

Can you feel my excitement?  Do you see how this story is beginning to tie together?  Well, not so fast, Bubba.  There are a few more twists to this tale before we arrive at our destination.

Keven, my remote technician was a virtual wizard.  He waved his magic wand and, BAM!, my operating system files were reborn.  A few mystical incantations later and ol’ Blue (yes, my computer’s name is ol’ Blue) was smoking fast.  Ok, I may be exaggerating there just a bit. My machine was pretty hot to begin with and I still stand by that earlier assessment.

Anyway, Keven and I said our goodbyes, he signed off for the day, and I settled in with a tall, cold glass of Kentucky’s finest ready to dig just one more detention basin before bedtime.  This transaction had taken a huge bite out of my day and I was ready to be billable.  It just was not meant to be.

I double-clicked on the 2010 Civil 3D icon and watched the splash screen appear and disappear faster than I could type this sentence.  I double-clicked on it again but with similar results.  Hmmm.  I was somewhat concerned but it sure failed fast.

I tried the 2011 version but I swear the splash screen disappeared even faster than before.  Do 64-bit applications fail faster than 32-bit applications?  Maybe it was my recent tuneup.  My look and my mood were deteriorating as fast as that splash screen.

I took a gulp of Wild Turkey and double-clicked on the 2012 icon.  Nothing.  I rebooted and tried all three icons again.  Nothing.  Nothing.  Nothing.  I was officially pissed off now but, in my defense, I managed to contain my anger (if not my sarcasm) through the next three available technicians.

We got absolutely nowhere.  The restore point created by Keven had mysteriously disappeared (magic?) so I couldn’t go back to where we started.  I tried a repair install (times 3) to no avail.  I tried re-installs (again times 3) with identical results.  Squat.

So, here we are – the end of the tale.  Like you, I’m relieved too.  Here’s what I learned:  CLEAN INSTALL

TS17333961 Clean Installation of AutoCAD Civil 3D 2012

TS14929539 Clean Installation of AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011

TS15031904 Clean Installation of AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010

TS1085728 Clean Installation of AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009


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