Privacy & Permissions

I Understand

The privacy of my personal information is important to me so I will assume yours is important to you too.  I do not collect information from you when you visit my website.  If I ever do, I won’t sell it.  

I would like to use third-party advertisers to make a little extra money and, if I get real lucky, I may someday.  Some of these advertisers may use technology to obtain your personal information.  This is generally for geographical-based or interest-based advertising.  They simply want to know where you live and what you are interested in to determine what to advertise.  At the moment, it’s simply wishful thinking on my part.  If that situation changes, I’ll let you know.

If you have security concerns you can control how much of your information is accessed by others through your browser settings or by using any of the many fine products available specifically for that purpose.  

I use some images from Stock.XCHNG, a free stock photo Internet site.  This may come as a shock to some of you but “free” does not necessarily mean the same thing to all people.  Save yourself some grief.  Read their license agreement at before using their photos.  

Some photos belong to me.  In most cases, I will give you permission to use them if you will simply ask.  My main concern is being unknowingly associated with endeavors or groups that I don’t support.  I know that is an unlikely scenario but I work hard at being a peaceful, non-confrontational kind of guy and I really appreciate you helping me maintain that image.

The articles are yours to print and to share.  If you decide to sell all or part of one of my articles then we should talk.